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May 31, 2013, 16:00
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I don't know what it is, but some people find it easy peasy the things that I find super hard. student1:"So, how much did you get last time?" student2:"Yeah, first one was bad, 17/20, but my other exam was 19/20 so I guess that was ok". I come into class and this guy tells me he got 19/20 on programming. "My usual grades". What in the serious fuck man? Those are abnormal, over-the-top, impossible grades. How can you get that for programming!! I spend hours and weeks and months of my time, figuring out programming and I get grades of 9/20 and 10/20. My max was 16/20 and that was a bloody record with nearly everything perfect except for one silly use case! I don't understand.. am I less smart?

I guess people have their strong sides and their weak sides.. for example, they are incredibly good at logic but incredibly weak at social interaction. Why the fuck is it so hard for me and why is it so apparently easy for the rest?

I guess missing out on 6 years of high school education plays a part in it..


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Message Board > Malarkey > Logical thinking..

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