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Updated video, hyuck hyuck

Been adding sound effects and starting the actual hiding stuff, though my life's been filled with other things for a while and I've been having a little trouble getting back into making the game. But I'm working on it again now.

Here, have an updated video sampling the combat. It's two playthroughs intercut which is why going through the left door and then appearing at the bottom happens, there isn't some kind of weird spawning bug like you may think.
(Posted on July, 14th 2011, 04:09)

New progress screenshot!

Progress! Hurrah.

- Objects with working collisions (bullets, knives, enemies and the player) which display text encouraging you to hide in them when you approach them. That's not actually incorporated yet but we're working on it :P

- New graphics (done on the fly) for blood splatterings over the room, no longer pre-rendered photoshop brushes. So more randomness.

- New and improved frankendog death animation.

(Right click and hit view image to view full size)

Next to come - actually getting the hiding to work, spiders (will be a swarming enemy type), random room generation, a few more bug fixes/improvements... oh, and me and Ecko will hopefully be reworking the code so it actually changes resolution rather than rescales, so you folk with older/slower PCs can play it fine :)

- FB
(Posted on May, 5th 2011, 02:42)

More progress!

Not anything that can really be seen in a screenshot, but work *has* been underway on Infernal Chambers.

Bugs have been squashed, collisions have been added so enemies and/or the player can't walk over each other except when dead...

Enemies now react when the player dies - as in, they don't just freeze, but they go back to idling about, or in the case of the more hyperactive enemies, actively pursuing nothing :P

Next to come - swarming enemies, hiding places and AI for tracking footprints (Oh God), random room generation, new enemy graphics, extra atmospheric elements and more... watch this space fellas and females! ;)

- FB
(Posted on April, 17th 2011, 06:27)

The four stages of lockpicking

Huzzah, lockpicking is now implemented and works fine! May tweak it to make it a swifter, easier process - but for now this is how it goes:

1) Walk up to door

2) Press the USE button (user settable - by default "Y")

3) Lockpicking box appears. Punch the arrow keys on the keyboard to match the directions listed for each pin to shift it about, eventually sliding it into place. When all pins are raised, the door will unlock and the lockpicking box will close.

3a) If you get any of the directional movements wrong, you'll botch the job and the keypress you got incorrect will print in red, where it was previously stated in black. You will then be booted out of the lockpicking menu and will have to start again, or just go for another door.

4) However, if you happen to be successful in picking the lock, you will hear the door latch open. You can then walk through the door

5) Get on the floor

6) Everybody walk the dinosaur

(last bit is a joke init)

- FB
(Posted on January, 16th 2011, 19:58)


In celebration of the fixing some bugs/making some successful tweaks

have some screenshots

external loading screen

"don'tcha wish ya girlfriend was hot like me?"

FYI, the Klansman actually killed the other enemy and smashed the light in this screenshot ;p

Lockpicking next.

- FB
(Posted on January, 14th 2011, 00:43)

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