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Here is one of the first screenshot, ...
the cat is moving with the arrow keys!!!

[edit - put image on imageshack (OScoder)]
(Posted on December, 7th 2009, 08:44)

Kinds of terrain

I don't fell very imaginative today, so I will homage original kinds of terrain in Survival (1984):

ice caps → represented as white terrain
sea water → blue terrain
grass → pale green terrain
wood → dark green terrain (this is prefered terrain by the Wildcat)
hills[/b] → brown terrain
scrub → yellow and orange terrain
town → gray terrain
(Posted on November, 30th 2009, 18:39)

Appearance and controls

There will be a zoomed map with iconic representation of main character and elements near enough to be sensed. Terrain will be represented by tiles.

Other elements represented will be a world map, representing known terrain and far elements sensed by smell or hearing. Terrain will be represented by coloured areas, and element by coloured or shaped points (little circles, square, crosses, etc.)

Player will obtain also knowledge of her status by progress bars showing her levels of stamina, water and mix level of pollution and poison in her body.

Players will move using mouse/screen touch (PC/Wiz) or arrow keys/joystick (PC/Wiz). They could also ask for information about elements using mouse/screen touch.
(Posted on November, 30th 2009, 18:39)


The tasks that a player must accomplish to survive are:

Obtaining food: hunting or scavenging

Water: don't being very far from fresh water

Migrating: looking for better places, more food or water, a mate, less dangers as people, pollution,

Mating and growing chicks, actually there's the goal of everything. Males have to put other males out of his territory, look for females and seduce them. Females has easy to get a partenaire, but they will have to take care of their kitten until they are strong enough to be on their own.
(Posted on November, 30th 2009, 18:38)

The pass of time

Stamina falling
As time goes by wildcats lose its stamina, become hungry and feel the need to hunt. Younger cats lose its stamina slowly, and older ones lose it faster. Winter also makes stamina to falls faster because of fat being burned against the cold.

Water falling
As well as stamina, cats lose also its water. Water falls slowly when cats are next to fresh water, and also when they eat (they take quite water from blood and fat). Hot season (summer) is the worst because water falls very fast, and fresh water sources are fewer.

Aging acts in several ways in a wildcat. In general, they always become clever when older. Furthermore, young cats become stronger (max stamina rise up) until the age of 7-8. Older cats become weaker when aging.

Winter makes wildcats to waste more stamina, there's also less preys to hunt, so it's a very hard season, when most of the older cats dies.
Winter is also the season for mating, because of that there's lots of fights between males, being another cause to suffer and die in the cold season.
Summer can be hard in hot places, beacuse of drought. But there's quite plenty of food.
(Posted on November, 30th 2009, 18:37)

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