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So much to report...

Now, I'm not using this worklog so much for a game-dev diary anymore. Instead I think I'll post when I'm excited about something.

I will just quickly go over how the game is developing:

Hero: The Realm now has 40+ levels/screens and 5 types of enemy with 80 levels planned and more enemy types. (Of course.) In many respects it's a near-finished game, particuarly as the game code is about ready - I'm mostly designing levels and plotting objects and monsters.

One thing however that needs coding are the end-of-level guardians.

This guardian is about ready to roll. I'm going to include some extra druids, that fall down the holes at certain intervals and complicate killing the "Big Druid".

Anyway I'll say the last 8 months have been rather slow in development terms, but I'm getting there at least, with nearly 7000 lines of game code. That deserves a beer methinks.

Oh and thanks to the booleansoup team for keeping this worklog up and alive!
(Posted on November, 30th 2011, 20:28)


Dennis said:
7000 lines? pfff I bet you can write that on one line. :D
(Posted on January, 19th 2012, 09:28)

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Worklogs > Mezzmer's Worklogs > Hero: The Realm > So much to report...
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