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Game nearly finished. Levels on their way!

I had been so lazy about finishing the door system, to allow for more than one door per level, locked doors, etc. that it was kind of blocking everything. No pun intended. However I finally did it. This is not the only thing to be finished in the game. Here in no particular order:

* Looting enemies, with intelligent system for drops

* Powerup for sword working

* Coin drops for GP to spend in the shop

* Heart drops for healing the hero

* Chests to be found in certain rooms which dispense the best game items (revive potion or key)

Keys play a valuable part in the game, because you may have a locked door which opens up to the rest of a level. Also finding the key gives the player something to do after seeing a locked door - kind of a sub-mission in effect!

The game feels like it's coming together in so many ways. Quite exciting. A bit stupidly I haven't bothered with the gold piece count on the ScoreBoard. Probably because I have yet to design the shop!

Also good news: I have a mini-publisher interested to sell the game for me when it's finished. Hooray!
(Posted on May, 15th 2011, 20:52)


(. )( .) said:

I'm glad it's coming together. I presume you've given up on that speech system? :F By the way, won't the shop also need something very much like it?
(Posted on May, 16th 2011, 10:04)

Mezzmer said:
Yup. I don't want to say anything much yet, but a very small publisher will design me a page on their site and sell the game for what I think will be around 4 USD.

Also a free demo is coming soon for Caanoo/Wiz handheld, on the publisher's site.
(Posted on May, 18th 2011, 01:10)

Mezzmer said:
Oh and answering your second/third question (. )( .) I'll probably do an interface kind of SEGA/Bitmap Brothers as the shop. Little or no dialogue needed I think.
(Posted on May, 18th 2011, 01:14)

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Worklogs > Mezzmer's Worklogs > Hero: The Realm > Game nearly finished. Levels on their way!
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