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Looting, and finally a decision about drops.

Back to this idea of drops. These happen when you have defeated an enemy - thus an item left behind when the monster dies.

I also decided Hero should have a quirk in the powerup type of item.

When you get a powerup icon, the first is a powerup sword. These you can only get from looting a snake. Then, once you have defeated another snake, (providing you don't lose the powerup by being "hit" by a monster) you get a better power up - which i haven't decided on yet.

The druids will dispense money, and occasionally a heart icon which heals - the Ogres give you the same, (money) but occasionally a big heart which heals you to the level of a big heart (which represents 4 hit points). Then we get to Bats (graphics completed but not yet included in the game) which give you a heart, and occasionally a potion, which ressurects you when dead. So you must always kill snakes to achieve a powerup, (snakes of either red, green, or purple colour only varying in life/hit-points).

That is my looting system, I could modify it in future, but it seems could give worth to killing different types of monster, and a more predictive gameplay in terms of getting "loot".

Anyway a quick screeny of the new graphics for the underground levels:

(Posted on February, 18th 2011, 02:52)


t money said:
what does the power up sword do? increase the amount of damage? or sword range? both?
(Posted on February, 20th 2011, 22:27)

Mezzmer said:
Well, it increases the amount of damage by 1 hp, effectively x2.
(Posted on February, 21st 2011, 16:35)

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Worklogs > Mezzmer's Worklogs > Hero: The Realm > Looting, and finally a decision about drops.
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