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By stuckieGAMEZ (version 1.0)

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This was done for my GFX Coursework.
It's a puzzle game loosely based on Deflektor and Pipedream.. this code is also rather buggy so a new version is in the works, but it got me an A pass ;)

You've to create a path from the Laser to the Factory to power it. However, the laser you have is of an old type, and as such, you need to deflect the laser particles to a special unit to change them to what the factory requires. You then have to wire this up to the factory and be prepared to replace these wires should they fail.

This game is VERY hard at times, but you can complete it.

A new version coded in SDL, is in the works.

This is a 7mb zip as all data is uncompressed, and music is in MP3 format (I used straight WinAPI, so the music is called via MCI functions... the next version will use the original MOD files).

This file is also for Boolean Soup only. Do not spread without permission from me.

Steven -=STUCKIE=- Campbell

Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME , Windows XP/2000/Vista
Dev tool: C++
Other attributes:
Uploaded: January 19, 2006
Rating: * * * * (2 ratings)
Downloads: 44


Rating: * * * *

Very good for a non-professionally created C++ game - took me a while to get to grips with it, graphics were slightly naff and the music has much to be desired for, but I can see how the gameplay works and I can't find too many bugs. Since it's not graphics and music that make a good game, I'm giving this a 4/5.

Rating: * * * *

I totally agree with Deadmaster above. This game is fun, and that's what counts most. If I were you I would try to improve graphics and sound. It's easy to do in this case!

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